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Racing RAAM to support the Canary Foundation

Canary Foundation

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In June of 2015 I will be racing over 3000 miles by bicycle in under 13 days in the Race Across Amercia (RAAM). While what I will be attempting is going to be exceptionally difficult and will challenge me physically, mentally, and emotionally, it pales in comparison to what those with cancer and their friends and families have to face. Early detection of cancer vastly improves survival rates, and the Canary Foundation at Stanford University focuses on research for early cancer detection. Since I have friends and family members who have been impacted by cancer, I have chosen to raise funds for the Canary Foundation while training for and competing in RAAM.

My goal is to raise $5,000 for the Canary Foundation. Donations are tax deductible, and 100% of what you donate goes directly to the cancer early detection research at Stanford University, helping with prevention, early detection and treatment of this disease.

To recognize donors, anyone who donates $30 or more can choose a time station to sponsor. Time stations are the intermediary check points along the RAAM route where racers check in. Time station sponsors will be listed here on my website, and during the race when we reach each time station my crew will recognize the sponsors of the time station on Facebook and Twitter. When you go to donate, please indicate which time station you would like to sponsor in the "Personal Note" section of the donation form. See below for the full list of time stations.

When donating, consider these facts and donate as generously as you can:
--Cancer strikes about one in three women and one in two men in the U.S.
--In 2011, new cancer cases are estimated to total 164,000 in California and 1.6 million in the US.
--Chances of survival are greater if cancer is diagnosed when still confined to the organ of origin (stage I). Survival rates decline as tumors enlarge and spread regionally (stages II, III) or distantly (stage IV).

Please join me in supporting the Canary Center at Stanford by making a donation. Thank you in advance for partnering with me!

Click HERE to donate. As of 6/15/15 I've raised $5,758.33 towards my goal of raising $5,000.

RAAM Time Stations That You Can Choose To Sponsor:

Time Station Generously Sponsored By
(multiple sponsors per time station allowed)
Lake Henshaw, California Minel Diaz
Brawley, California Scott Bolter
Blythe, California Jeff Radick, Kelly Cochran
Parker, Arizona Jeff and Lisa Faillers
Salome, Arizona Michelle West and Josh Talley
Congress, Arizona Russ and Sheila Stevens
Prescott, Arizona Yvonne Linton
Cottonwood, Arizona Jerry and Silvana Hitchcock
Flagstaff, Arizona Sean and Valerie Munday
Tuba City, Arizona Natasha Lee
Kayenta, Arizona Michael and Tina Svihura
Mexican Hat, Utah Justin Burstein
Montezuma Creek, Utah Thierry Masciarelli
Cortez, Colorado Dennis Feick
Durango, Colorado Don King, Peter and Carolyn Lehman
Pagosa Springs, Colorado In memory of Hamish Grant
South Fork, Colorado Kerin Huber, Charles Gray
Alamosa, Colorado Pam Goodley, Francien and Tijn Dechesne
La Veta, Colorado Alan Bell
Trinidad, Colorado Rachel Grossman
Kim, Colorado Dan Sauers and Anna Luo
Walsh, Colorado Tom Davis
Ulysses, Kansas Tamarise Cronin
Montezuma, Kansas Ingrid Hillhouse
Greensburg, Kansas Katie Grant
Pratt, Kansas Johnna Andrews
Maize, Kansas Ed Parish
El Dorado, Kansas Barbara MacRae
Yates Center, Kansas Sue Kelso
Ft Scott, Kansas Dawn and Marty Chuck
Weaubleau, Missouri Brian Feinberg
Camdenton, Missouri Jill and Tim Marks
Jefferson City, Missouri Bill and Marion Lytle
Washington, Missouri Terri Boykins
Mississippi River Chainspirations (Paula MacMann)
Greenville, Illinois David To
Effingham, Illinois Lan Tran, Keith and Ellen Wolcott
Sullivan, Indiana Bashar Aziz
Bloomington, Indiana Jerry Cottingham (In memory of Brad)
Greensburg, Indiana Veronica Beagan, Maria Parker
Oxford, Ohio Carol Ashburner, Brook Henderson
Blanchester, Ohio Bob Bihler
Chillicothe, Ohio Lisa Lawin
Athens, Ohio Chetan Raina
West Union, West Virginia Nelson Hom
Grafton, West Virginia Ildiko Pap
Oakland, Maryland Brenna Broadnax
Cumberland, Maryland Rosalie, Peter, and Louise Grant
Hancock, Maryland Kelli King
Rouzerville, Pennsylvania Lisa Hern, Tracey McQuair
Hanover, Pennsylvania Julia Book, Neil Schmerling
Mt Airy, Maryland Gary Aochi and Family
Odenton, Maryland Amy Friel, Vidya Devarasetty
Annapolis, Maryland Ali Ashburner


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