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RAAM Leaderboard

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Social Media

During Race Across America, Joan's crew will be Facebooking and Tweeting so that you can follow her progress as she races from Oceanside, CA to Anapolis, MD.

You may follow from this page, from my Facebook athlete page, or directly from Twitter, @JoanDeitchman.

The updates may be sporadic in parts of the country, but the crew will do its best to keep you up to date on what is going on!

RAAM By the Numbers

  • From RAAM's Website

  • Total distance is more than 3000 Miles.

  • Collectively, the Solo and Team finishers will travel a combined distance equivalent to circling the Earth at the equator seven times.

  • In the 27 year history of the race, Solo finishers have ridden more than one million miles - that’s two round trips to the moon.

  • Lowest elevation is 170 feet below sea level. Highest elevation is more than 10,000 feet high above sea level. This elevation range exceeds two vertical miles.

  • Each Solo and Team will climb more than 100,000 feet. This is roughly the distance from the ground to the edge of space, more than three times the altitude flown by commercial jetliners and almost four times the altitude of Mt. Everest.

  • Less than 200 solo and tandem racers have officially finished solo RAAM earning the title of RAAM Finisher, compared with over 2000 individuals who have summated Mt. Everest and 200 racers every year compete in the Tour de France.

  • Racers have come from 5 continents - North America, South America, Australia, Asia, and Europe. More than 25 countries have been represented in the Race Across America.

  • RAAM crosses the five longest rivers that are entirely in the US: the Mississippi, Missouri, Rio Grande, Arkansas and the Ohio.

  • The RAAM staff during the race is more than 50 people. More than 200 people staff Time Stations. Racers are supported by more than 800 people. More than 200 vehicles are part of the RAAM caravan across the country.

  • In the last four years, RAAM racers have raised more than $4,000,000 for charities.

  • For more information, see Race Across America's information page.