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If you, as an individul would like to help us pay for all the expenses that go along with the extraordinary undertaking of racing across America, follow the Paypal link below to send money.

Bicycle Brüstop

Bicycle Brüstop

Based in Novato just north of San Francisco, Bicycle Brüstop is a family owned bike shop that is passionate about helping customers with everything bike related - whether it's servicing an existing bike, purchasing a new bike, finding the right gear and equipment, exploring new routes on their shop rides, or simply kicking back over a cold brew! The service is great, and they will bend over backwards to help you. It was Bicycle Brüstop that introduced me to the line of Liv/giant women's bikes, and turned me into a Di2 electronic shifting convert.

From Bicycle Brüstop's website:

"Bicycle Brüstop has been many years in the making and we are thrilled to be part of the small business community in Novato. We are a family owned and operated business with a passion for service and are driven to ensure that our customers have as much fun out on their bikes as we do! Our mission is to make our bike shop a place all Novato cyclists can call home."

Revolutions In Fitness

Revolutions In Fitness Logo

I first went to Revolutions In Fitness for a bike fit in 2009 after I'd had some injuries and been experiencing discomfort in my bike fit. I was extremely impressed with their attention to detail and thorough knowledge not only of the mechanics of a proper bike setup, but also how that related to the limitations of the athlete being fit. They paid careful attention to things like flexibility of different muscle groups and adjusted the fit to find an optimal setup for my body. Since being fit by Revolutions in Fitness I have been much more comfortable on the bike, and I no longer have the problems that I had prior to seeing them.

From the Revolutions In Fitness website:

"To most bike shops a bike fit means you can straddle the frame and reach the pedals. By blending state-of-the art equipment with our therapeutic credentials and expertise, technical skills, and years of personal experience with cycling, we offer an unparalleled bike fit experience, giving you the optimum bike fit for your goals and needs. Whether your cycling goals are recreational, competitive, improved speed, endurance, or just plain old fitness and fun, Revolutions In Fitness will provide a perfect fit for you! You will be able to spend hours in the saddle without pain, and generate more power with less effort because your body and your bike will finally be working together as a team!"

David Ledesma - Sports Massage Therapist

David Ledesma Massage

I have been going to David since I first started doing triathlons in 2001, and he is a hidden gem in the area of sports massage. When I go to David regularly, I notice improved performance and recovery. Any time that I have an injury or area of concern he works with me to identify what the problem is, and what he can do to combat it. If you're looking for a sports massage therapist who understands the demands and stress that ultra endurance athletes put their bodies through, then I highly recommend David. He has experience with ultra endurance runners, cyclists, and triathletes. As I prepare to stress my body to new levels in my preparation for RAAM, I'm thrilled to have David in my corner, as I know that he can help me to achieve my full potential.

David's office is located in San Jose, and he can be reached at: 408-243-3949.



I first used SpiderTech during the Southern California RAAM Challenge in April of 2014. I had a knee injury going into the race, and we were trying not to further injure it. About 12hrs into the race I was experiencing significant pain and we were close to DNFing, however one of my crew members had some SpiderTech pre-cut knee kits with her, so we tried using one as a last resort. Amazingly, within an hour or so the pain disappeared, and by several hours later my knee felt as good as new! I've since been using the lower back and neck pre-cut kits as well, and we have plenty of SpiderTech product along for RAAM! Definitely checkout their product line - especially the pre-cut kits, as they're easy to apply and they really do help!

How To Become A Corporate Sponsor

Support us for RAAM 2014

Help me complete Race Across America and promote your company at the same time. I can offer exposure for your company in several ways, ranging from your logo being featured on my website, race clothing, and support vehicles, to links and promotion via my website, Facebook, Twitter and other media outlets.

If you would like to become a corporate sponsor, please send me an email.

Levels of corporate sponsorship:

- Bronze: $500, includes listing on website, and small logos on race vehicles

- Silver: $1000, includes more prominent listing on website, and medium logos on race vehicles, minimal social media mentions

- Gold: $5000, prominent listing on website, large logos on race vehicles, and logo on race clothing, frequent social media mentions

- Platinum: $10,000+, extremely prominent listing on website, large logos on race vehicles which I will leave on for a number of months before/after the race, logo featured prominently on race/crew clothing, frequent social media mentions